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Training Course of Disc Motor Maintenance, Serving Owner Better
2018/3/22      Click:


From 20th to 21st Oct., year of 2017, Suzhou Day Power Technology Co., Ltd who are experts in the manufacture of disc-motors held the third training class for motor maintenance and meets 20 colleagues in motor maintenance from all over the world. The two-day meeting ended successfully.

The training class contains two parts expounding in professional and systematic theory and operation based on practice. In the practice at site, our expert in maintenance not only shows the dismounting and assembling of types of Disc-motors by hand and also guides every student to operate to master this skill. During the whole training process, our experts use the service tool for many motor types and the tools are designed and manufactured by ourselves. When we used the tool, the students applaud for the professional technology of Day Power. And some students even buy the service tool face to face to make it easier to work in the maintenance job of small space and limited equipment. And they will soon become the professional maintenance staff in Disc-motor industry!

In the sharing section, we reached on an agreement of the professional and high technology of Day Power in the field of Disc-motor. Every student thought they gained a lot from this training lesson.

Suzhou Day Power Technology Co., Ltd carries a mission of providing the most suitable driving plan and the highest quality of Disc-motor. And we share our technology and experience with our competitors. In the future, Day Power will hold such training class as well to make more people learn the knowledge of motor maintenance in order to provide good service to elevator users.