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Aeolus Industrial Fan Series
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Aeolus Industrial Fan Series

.    Advanced technology.

The fan adopts the most advanced technology of permanent magnet synchronous disc motor from Europe. The motor efficiency reaches to 90% which makes a great progress in saving energy. At the same time, It has the Characteristics of low speed, big torque and super slim. And the fan is especially suitable for space with limited installation height.

Ⅱ.    Reliable performance.

Disc motor is developed by company in Finland. The Cumulative quantity is over million in the

market and the design life is 20 years. During the lifetime, it is free maintenance. Aeolus

Industrial Fan is developed by Day Power independently, motor technology from EU on top motor


Ⅲ.    Safety guaranteed

All the fan connection parts use high-strength bolts in 10.9 level and anti-loose nut from

Japan Fuji.

Four high-strength steel cables make sure the fan does not come down in any situations. The

special-designed anti-fracture ring ensures the blades do not come down due to external impact

on blades connection parts.

Aeolus Industrial Fanspecs are as following

Aeolus Fan            Motor performance         Actual value

Power                     2.9KW               1.3KW

Rotating speed             112r/min               60r/min

Full-load air volume                           15850m3/min

Current                    7.6A               5.0A

Voltage                    294V           150V

Frequency                 37.4HZ            20HZ

Diameter                                     7.3M

Fan body weight                              126KG

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