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Disc motor on new energy vehicle
2018/3/21      Click:
“Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly” has became the theme of today’s China. People are exploring and practicing on this theme. One of the typical creations is the Electric Vehicle which includes cars, buses, vans, etc.
The speed of revolution of the present electric vehicle is very high and greater the output torque. But high speed of revolution can not be input directly to the hub. In order to get the speed for the hub, a gearbox is needed to reduce the speed. And at least 20% energy losses after using the gearbox. The disc motor comes into being in such demand.
Disc motor is a permanent magnet synchronous gearless motor. It translates the rotating magnetic field of traditional motor into the traveling magnetic field in horizontal direction. The disc motor has the characteristics of smaller, lighter, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, which makes it quite suitable for need of electric vehicle that is low-speed with high torque. The design of permanent magnet makes the life of the disc motor more than 20 years which is almost the life of the electric vehicle.
The motor can also be used in elevator, oil exploring devices, engineering machinery and many other fields. It is a revolutionary hi-tech products which really meet the requirement of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly.
Suzhou Day Power Technology Co., Ltd is an expert in manufacturing disc motors. The products has passed the test of Shanghai Jiaotong university elevator test center. And now the disc motor and the key part-brake have obtained the CE certificates.