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The Working Principle of The Motor
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Disc motor, also called a traction motor, the working technology is from the linear motor of Magnetically Levitated Train.

The new created annular linear motor totally changed the mechanical and electrical construction and manufacturing process of the AC motor. Different from the traditional motor construction, the rate and torque is twice as that of the traditional motor which has lead the revolution of the new technology of elevator industry, and also widely applied in elevators, oil exploriation devices, engineering machinery and many other fields which the characteristics of smaller, lighter, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly are required.

The disc motor translates the rotating magnetic field of a traditional motor into the traveling magnetic field into the horizontal direction which forms a new created Planar linear ring motor.

The thin magnet iron sheet produces a large magnetic force and is fixed to the back of the rotor. The rotor and stator have the same diameter and stay in parallel. The diameter of the sheave with the rotor together is always smaller than that of the rotor itself which can easily get higher torque.

The Excellent traction performance makes disc motors widely used. Take motor DA10 as an example, the thickness of the whole motor is only 200mm. It can be directly fixed on the elevator car guide which saves the machine room cost of the traditional elevator traction machine.

The disc motor of Suzhou Day Power has been researched and developed by a PhD team and motor experts. The technical level has reached and is equal the advanced level of foreign countries.